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Cotney Consulting Group offers a variety of comprehensive services designed to help your roofing company overcome any and all obstacles.


Having an outsourced COO will offer your business an affordable alternative for companies to address their operating needs. Cotney COO on Demand can provide flexible support for long- or short-term company issues and projects, and in addition they can tackle more expansive needs affecting all parts of a company’s operational structure.


Business owners are often focused on staying afloat they sometimes are not able to get past the day-to-day organizational dynamics. With Monthly Coaching Calls with Coach John you can get the “Business Therapy” you need to enhance and grow your organization. We have month-to-month plans, 6-month plans and annual plans to talk through all your business needs and concerns.


Cotney Consulting Group has developed Precognitive Analytics that will rapidly produce data insights. Our technology analyzes your data in seconds by reviewing billions of key points.


Cotney Consulting can show you how to use the tools within Smartsheet to enhance your business. As expert Super Users we will help you combine your tools with Smartsheet for a simplified end user experience.

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One of the most frequently asked questions I get by contractors is, what should my Key-Performance-Indicators (KPIs) be, and how many should I have? Often, they look to other companies in their industry, including suppliers and associations, to see what they may use or recommend to run their business…
Every business owner will worry about their business and if they are doing the right things. Cotney Consulting Group is going to list out the top 8 most common mistakes business owners make with their roofing business. Is your company currently making any of these mistakes…
Even when your business is prospering, it is crucial to hire a business consultant. 2020 has brought new obstacles and uncharted territory to our roofing industry. Whether your business is small or large, you should consider investing in consulting services…

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