Can Roofing Business Revenue Analysis Help My Company?

In an industry with razor-thin profit margins, having an ally with financial experience on your side is a must. Among the many services we provide at Cotney Consulting Group, revenue analysis is one of the most important. Although your company may be making a profit on paper, you can’t truly assess the health of your business until you comb through your financial records — and you look at the big picture. Many roofers are too preoccupied with running their business to worry about their finances, and that’s okay, so long as they consult a roofing business consultant for assistance.

What a Roofing Business Consultant Can Do for You

Roofing business revenue analysis may not be high on your list of priorities. However, your financial records hold the key to growing your business, obtaining loans, and improving your cash flow. In order to see the big picture, you need to review ALL of your financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and work-in-progress reports. 

You see, revenue analysis is a lot like looking at the weather. You can look outside (review your records on your own) and get some idea of what’s going on. But in order to see trends and predict what’s going to happen in the future, you’ll need a trained weatherman (a roofing business consultant). Too often, construction companies reach the end of a project only to realize that they’ve barely made a profit after covering costs. For our consulting firm, that’s just unacceptable. 

The Benefits of Revenue Analysis​

At Cotney Consulting Group, we can conduct a roofing business revenue analysis to help you spot money problems long before they happen. We can help determine if funds are unnecessarily covering equipment, manpower, or materials. Similarly, we can anticipate trends to ensure that your company saves money in these areas in the coming months and years. We can also help prepare your financial statements to ensure that you are able to obtain loans, access credit, and qualify for projects that require bonds.

Partner With the Experienced Advisors From Cotney Consulting Group​

Being a contractor, you’re in the business to make money and every expense must be taken into consideration. That’s why we’ve put together a bevy of our services for an affordable, monthly price. Every month, we can analyze your business and determine the best course of action. In addition to roofing business revenue analysis, these services are vital for maximizing profits and ensuring long-term sustainability. For a team invested in the success and growth of your business, partner with the experienced advisors from Cotney Consulting Group.

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