COO On Demand

We are consultants. We are confidants. We are colleagues. We are Cotney Consulting Group.


Having an outsourced COO will offer your business an affordable alternative for companies to address their operating needs. Cotney COO on Demand can provide flexible support for long- or short-term company issues and projects, and in addition, they can tackle more expansive needs affecting all parts of a company’s operational structure.

Among the varied services Cotney COO on Demand offers:

  • Coordinated work with the CEO to manage all operations activities
  • Oversight and review of all management and staff positions
  • Back-office support for a company’s administrative and support staff
  • Overview of management of talent acquisition and retention
  • Budgeting and forecasting for operational needs
  • Vendor management and contract reviewal
  • Risk-management overview
  • Analysis of technology infrastructure needs

Above are only a few of the ways Cotney COO on Demand can play your chief operating officer and use our expertise to enhance your company’s output. Save yourself the expensive overhead of a full-time position!

Our Programs


Creating a new company? Is your business in its infancy? This is the program for you.

  • Create and review your business plan
  • Develop operational structure
  • Determine Policies and Procedures
  • Establish employee recruiting and retaining protocol
  • Develop compensation packages
  • Review technology structure for growth and development
  • Setup your foundational systems such as accounts payable, receivable, payroll that align with your business goals.
  • Determine CRM and tracking systems for sales and marketing.


Is your company struggling to stay competitive in your market? Are you wanting to revamp your goals and strategies?

  • Align operational processes and procedures
  • Review technology needs
  • Develop a corporate culture that encourages company goals
  • Enhance management practices
  • Test and Understand the communication styles and talents of your leadership team with the OKR method
  • Identify and train your upcoming leaders


Are you ready to enter new markets? Wanting to grow your business? We have solutions for you.

  • Enhance your executive team with OKR training
  • Revitalize your culture to focused on and achieving your growth objectives
  • Review your key technology platforms to ensure overall objectives are met
  • Assess your staff skills and job requirements to ensure appropriate staff
  • Streamline operations and take advantage of scalable models
  • Implement market expansion strategy
  • Develop and strategize 5-10-year goal objectives
  • Revenue and cashflow analysis

How It Works

Two-day session with the option of additional time as needed. We will spend two full days working on your business, figuring out what is right and what is wrong. We then will analyze and make adjustments to get you to your end goal.

We will have given you all the tools you need to succeed at the end of day two. This two-day session is followed up with monthly calls over the next six months to be sure that things are working the way they are supposed to.