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Cotney Consulting Group Announces Trestles as Affinity Partner

Tampa, FL, June 12, 2020 – Cotney Consulting Group, a team dedicated to helping roofing contractors maximize success with experienced business consulting and solutions, is proud to announce Trestles Construction Solutions, LLC has become an affinity partner. 

Trestles offers labor management software (TLMS®), frontline training, and consulting services designed to facilitate a step change in construction safety, quality, productivity, and schedule reliability performance.  TLMS enables project teams to quickly develop a short-interval schedule, remove constraints, identify and mitigate safety hazards, report time and progress, and improve overall transparency between the field and office. 

Over 600 construction supervisors have attended Trestles Frontline Supervisor Training which provides new “tools in the toolbox” to develop the technical and leadership skills required for these essential people. Adding in estimating, scheduling and process improvement consulting services, Trestles truly offers a unique value proposition. 

As an affinity partner, Trestles will offer Cotney subscribers exclusive discounts on their products and services. If interested in this benefit, please reach out to Cotney’s customer service team at customerservice@cotneycl.com

“Having worked with the Trestles programs before, I have seen firsthand how it serves as an integral part of ongoing jobsite supervisors’ training,” stated John Kenney, COO of Cotney Consulting Group. “I am excited to have Trestles as an affinity partner so we can share their training business model of providing critical support and training on the field.”

“With our technology and services, the Trestles team is highly motivated and inspired to do our part to improve the efficiency and overall effectiveness of our construction industry customers.” said Mark McKenzie, Trestles CEO. “Our vision and values are aligned, and we are honored to partner with Cotney Consulting Group.”


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