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Expand Your Roofing Business in 2021 With a Roofing Business Consultant

According to a recent study published by leading international business research company The Freedonia Group, U.S. roofing demand is expected to increase up to 253.0 million squares in 2024 despite near-term COVID-19 slowdown. These advances in the residential market, in particular, are expected to be supported by the replacement of older and less durable roofs that have been damaged by severe weather, increasing housing starts following the recession, and growing interest in cool roofing materials to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. What this means is that if you’ve been waiting to expand your roofing business for fear of lack of demand, now is the time to take action.

No matter whether you have an established roofing business and are looking to scale in 2021 or you’ve already scaled and are looking to maintain market share and stability, your best option is to partner with a business consultant for roofers with Cotney Consulting Group. We have solutions entirely customized to the roofing industry that are designed to help you overcome any and all obstacles you may come across. Whether you need to strategize and develop 10-year goal objectives or wish to enhance your executive team with OKR training, we’re here to help you improve your processes and performance.

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Get in the Know With Precognitive Analytics

Cotney Consulting Group has revolutionized the way roofing companies view data by developing precognitive analytics — a program that combines business intelligence, planning, and prediction with artificial intelligence and augmented analytics. Essentially, our AI analyzes your data, creates relationships based on your company’s previous performance, and then applies that information to make predictions about future outcomes based on your desired outcome. This is the number one solution for roofing companies looking to get an edge over their competitors. 

Through this program, you’ll receive a full company evaluation with initial report, quarterly maintenance check-up, trend reports with your customized data, and industry data trends. Through this data, you’ll be able to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses, which projects are most profitable, and what actions you need to take in order to maximize profit. It can also be used to identify and match your most effective service teams, system types, and geographical areas.

Streamline Your Businesses Processes With Smartsheet Solutions

If you’re interested in customized solutions that can streamline all your management and business processes from preconstruction to project closeout, then you’ll likely benefit from roofing software systems like Smartsheet for roofing. Smartsheet is a cloud-based work platform that offers a wide range of tools, such as document and resource management, real-time collaboration, timeline tracking, and project reporting. Everything is built-in, which means that you can track purchase order requests, submit needs for equipment, and make projections with charts and graphs all in one place. Most importantly, as your service teams continue to grow, you can use Smartsheet to track profitability by any metric you desire, such as by customer, by truck, or by technician. You’ll have all the knowledge you need right at your fingertips to predict outcomes, make key changes in your operations, and make informed decisions.

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Address Your Operational Needs With a COO On Demand

Finally, you’ll be gaining access to an outsourced COO that can provide flexible support for short- or long-term company projects, as well as tackle more expansive needs affecting the whole of your company’s operational structure. To be more specific, a COO on demand with Cotney Consulting Group can help budget and forecast for your operational needs, provide a roofing business risk assessment, review all management and staff positions, and perform an analysis of technology infrastructure needs, just to name a few. In short, a COO on demand can guide you through every phase of the business process from launch to expansion. 

For those of you looking to grow your roofing business, this is a great resource to enhance your executive team, review key technology platforms, develop objectives, and implement a market expansion strategy. If you’re looking for consulting services that are specifically designed for the roofing industry and can help you run your business with ease, look no further than the roofing business consultants at Cotney Consulting Group.

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