How Roofers Can Benefit from a Business Coach

If you run a roofing business, chances are you didn’t start in the position you are at now. You likely worked your way up, acquiring valuable knowledge and skills along the way. No doubt these skills are useful when it comes to performing roofing work; however, they may be inadequate for running a roofing business. For a set of skills that will help you run and grow your roofing business, you’re going to need a coach. 

At Cotney Consulting Group, we want to see business owners truly come into their own as leaders, someone their workers can look up to for guidance. If you’re considering your company’s future and are unsure of where it leads, consider investing in business coaching for roofers

Growing Your Business

As of the time of this writing, contractors around the country are struggling to cope with problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Growing your roofing business may be the last thing on your mind right now. However, your company’s future must remain a priority. It is only by growing their businesses — taking on new projects, bringing on new team members, working with new suppliers and subcontractors — that roofing companies can emerge from this situation stronger than ever before. Make no mistake, every business venture has the potential to expose your company to risk. A business coach can help you determine which risks are worth taking and which aren’t. 

Making Difficult Choices

The job of a business coach isn’t to give you all the answers (although our team of consultants would be more than happy to); their job is to coach you on how to arrive at the answers that are in your company’s best interest. Now more than ever, your company will face problems that don’t have a clear solution. How can I keep my business running smoothly AND my employees safe? How can I meet short-term goals without sacrificing long-term goals? These are the questions a business coach can help you work through. 

Owning the Leadership Role

It’s rare to find a business owner who is the complete package. Some business owners are able to communicate effectively with their team but lack the training or skills to collaborate effectively with them. Other business owners may run their businesses effectively but don’t know when to give and take when it comes to their employees. At Cotney Consulting Group, a business consultant for roofers can coach you on how to become an effective leader. Just like how we assess the health of businesses, we can assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you step into and own the leadership role. 

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