Invest in Comprehensive Financial Planning With a Roofing Business Advisory Firm

Many roofers set out to do nothing more than perform their craft, only to find that they are now responsible for a growing business with numerous financial considerations. One of the keys to success for any business owner is the ability to step back and allocate responsibility to the parties best capable of handling them. That’s where we come in.

At Cotney Consulting Group, we offer comprehensive financial planning for roofing businesses of all sizes. These roofing business advisory services are essential for ensuring that your company succeeds where others have failed. As a roofing contractor, focus on the aspects of your business that matter most, and leave the financial planning to us.

Our Roofing Business Advisory Services

As with any roofing project, you can’t get started without a plan. In the short term, our roofing business advisory firm can assist you with pre-construction planning to ensure that all payments are processed in a timely manner, thereby ensuring that your business is paid ahead of costs. In the long term, we can monitor your business’s health, and ensure that any and all transactions are lawful and in your company’s best interests.

When it comes to financial planning, virtually every aspect of your business can benefit from advisory services:


Managing multiple revenue streams is no easy task, especially in the roofing industry. As one project pays dividends, you may be paying subcontractors on another. Not only can we review your revenue structure, but we can also reorganize it to ensure that you always have needed funds on a project without having to constantly rely on loans.

Material Procurement:

As materials become scarce or increase in price, the timing of material purchases will only become more important. Our roofing business advisory firm can ensure that materials are purchased at the best time to save you money while avoiding rising costs, storage costs, and expedited delivery costs.

Corporate Transactions:

Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other corporate transactions are complex processes, processes that may benefit some businesses while hurting others. In order to ensure that your best interests are met, we recommend obtaining roofing business advisory services whenever considering a major step in growing your business.

Focus on What Matters Most

As a roofing business owner, you would never hire a HVAC technician to install shingles. Likewise, you should only entrust your finances to a professional who is experienced in roofing business advisory services. At Cotney Consulting Group, we can help you develop, implement, and monitor your long-term financial goals. Leave financial planning to the experienced team at Cotney Consulting Group. 

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