John Kenney Joins Construction Specifications Canada

Tampa, FL, June 15, 2020 – Cotney Consulting Group, a team dedicated to helping roofing contractors maximize success with experienced business consulting, is proud to announce that John Kenney, COO of Cotney Consulting Group, is now a participating member of Construction Specifications Canada.

Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) is a national multi-disciplinary, non-profit association with chapters across Canada. CSC is committed to delivering progressive education, certification, publications and professional networking opportunities for the design and construction community. To this end, CSC pursues the study of systems and procedures which help improve the coordination and dissemination of documentation relevant to the construction process. CSC seeks to enhance the quality of the design and management aspects of construction through programs of publication, education, professional development, and certification, believing that, in so doing, it can best contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry as a whole.

“I am very excited to be part of Construction Specifications Canada, sharing their vision to enhance the quality of the design and management aspects of the construction industry while working with our Canadian Clients,” stated John Kenney, COO of Cotney Consulting Group.


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