Optimize Your Roofing Business Operations With Roofing Software Systems

Cotney Consulting Group has 65+ years experience solving the real-world problems of roofing companies across North America and is prepared to utilize these experiences to help your roofing business achieve the greatest level of success. This is why we’ve devoted ourselves to providing full-service consulting services, including revenue analysis, risk mitigation advice, industry insight, and corporate transaction assistance. One of the services specifically tailored for professionals within the roofing industry that we pride ourselves on is optimizing your roofing business with roofing software systems

In this brief article, we’ll review the solution capabilities of our Smartsheet Custom Construction Solutions and how they can be used to optimize your business operations and grow your roofing company. 

Using Smartsheet for Roofing to Streamline Business Processes

Smartsheet for roofing is Cotney Consulting Group’s way of offering custom solutions for roofing professionals to manage and streamline their business operations. The solution we produce for your company is fully customized depending upon your business’ goals and desires and aims to simplify the process of tracking and reporting all the necessary data your business needs to operate smoothly. Here’s a brief overview of the areas our Smartsheet Custom Construction Solutions can help to streamline. 

Budget Management 

If you’re looking to better manage your budget, then Smartsheet is the tool for you. With the help of a business consultant from Cotney Consulting Group, you’ll be able to receive a real-time overview of the financial health of your business, track monthly actuals against your budget goals, and utilize previous data to set benchmarks and accurate estimates for future projects. It’s never been easier to ensure your business stays on track financially. 


By far, one of the most useful aspects of Smartsheet for Roofing is its real-time document collaboration capabilities. Whether you’re working on text documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, or maps, document collaboration lets you share relevant information with stakeholders in real-time. It’s easy to adopt and even easier to customize to the unique needs of your business. From pre-construction bidding to project close-out, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have unobstructed collaboration with team members, external stakeholders, and subcontractors.

Field Operations

With our customized Smartsheet solutions, you’ll be able to not only plan and visualize but track tasks within your construction projects. This means anytime an issue arises during the course of your project, it can be immediately captured from any device, shared with the relevant project members, and quickly resolved. This accelerates close-out time, allows for better allocation of resources, and increases transparency between stakeholders.

And all this, of course, only scratches the surface of the tools we can use to streamline your roofing business operations. Our customized solutions also allow you to automate workflows, optimize sales effectiveness, and forecast future sales. We’ll assess the health of your business, analyze potential risks, and account for any potential issues before you ever break ground on your next project. Connect with an experienced consultant today to see for yourself. 

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